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What is BARRE?

At Barre Haus we fuse Pilates, ballet strengthening, yoga stretches and light weight work choreographed to an upbeat playlist to comprise our Barre classes. Our main focus is on isometric contractions and working deep into a muscle to achieve muscle fatigue. It's a total body workout that targets all the major muscle groups to tone and sculpt the entire body in an incredibly efficient 1 hour class. Instructors pay careful attention to proper form and alignment, so clients stay safe and see results. Clients report fast, noticeable results to include sculpted arms, flatter abs, a lifted back side, reduced pain and injury and an overall boost in confidence. At Barre Haus you get personal attention, motivation and hands on correction from your instructor. We recommend taking class at least 3 times a week for optimal results. Gain strength and flexibility at any age! Come see what the obsession is all about!

For a description of each class type click HERE

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