Barre Classic 

This is our foundational barre class at Barre Haus. Using small, focused movements that are low impact, to tone and strengthen the core, glutes and thighs. Fusing Pilates, Yoga, dance and traditional strength training for an incredibly efficient workout. Light weights are incorporated for sculpting the upper body. Pop, Hip-hop and dance beats drive your workout and help the hour fly by! Stretching segments throughout the class, reward the body and increase flexibility. Get ready to feel the burn, embrace the shake and watch your body transform! (We recommend beginners start with this class to learn the basics first.)


This class has a sequence of Yoga postures mixed with Pilates movements to increase strength and flexibility. We still incorporate barre abs on the floor and a few other aspects we just love about barre! An easy to follow class flow driven by chill beats, with a strong concentration on breath work. The barre is used for balance and form, to support your movements and help you get a great workout! Each class ends with a few minutes of de-stressing, quiet focus.

barre haus® 

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