Katie Dickens

Owner & Founder

I have always had a passion for dance and was also involved in many sports growing up. An active fit lifestyle has always been important to me and so much more, now that I'm a mom. (It truly is the best confidence builder, stress reliever, mood boosting, natural anti-depressant....well, you get it!) In 2008, I earned my Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I worked as a children’s fitness instructor for a year in Florida. Then after moving to Birmingham, AL was introduced to barre fitness and fell in love. I was an instructor at Pure Barre Birmingham for 3 years before we moved to our home state of North Carolina. My husband was active duty Air Force at the time and we got stationed in Goldsboro. I taught barre privately for clients and taught at a country club for 2 years before taking maternity leave to have my twin boys. After a 2 year hiatus, (and lots of nudging from clients) I picked back up and met a whole new group of women that needed and wanted this workout. I am excited to bring this wonderful technique to more people in Goldsboro! I believe that health and wellness are a journey and I love to encourage others, wherever there are in theirs! I have seen this technique transform people's bodies, minds and their lives. This workout fosters community, camaraderie, and confidence and I hope you'll come discover what the obsession is all about!

barre haus® 

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