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Katie Dickens
Owner & Founder

I have always had a passion for dance and was also involved in many sports growing up. An active, fit lifestyle has always been important to me. It truly is the best confidence builder, stress reliever, mood booster and natural anti-depressant. In 2008, I earned my Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I worked as a children’s fitness instructor for a year in Florida. Then after moving to Birmingham, AL was introduced to the barre technique and fell in love. I was an instructor at Pure Barre Birmingham for 3 years before we moved to our home state of North Carolina. My husband was active duty Air Force at the time and we got stationed in Goldsboro. I have taught barre all over Goldsboro for the last several years. I am excited to bring this wonderful technique to more people in Goldsboro in our very own studio! I believe that health and wellness are a journey and I love to encourage others, wherever they are on theirs! I have seen this technique transform people's bodies, minds and their lives. This workout fosters community, camaraderie, and confidence and I hope you'll come discover what the obsession is all about!

Barre Classic
Barre Express

Cardio Barre 30
Glutes + Core

Barre Haus Team


Jana Foote

Classes: Barre Classic
Barre Express

Grace Schupp

Class: Gentle Yoga
Class: Yoga Flow


Megan Dior

Class: POP Pilates

Kathy Wood

Yoga Variety classes

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Class: Amped
{Hip Hop Cardio}

Josh Crawford

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